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To support the health and wellness journey of our consumers and to promote a shift towards a more holistic approach to the healthcare system, by providing natural, scientifically tested supplements and cosmetics of the highest quality. We prioritize optimized recipes, organic cultivation, careful selection of raw materials, and gentle processing.

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About Us

kingnature was founded in 2011 in Switzerland. It is an owner-managed company based in Zurich that employs around 70 people, both at home and abroad. The company continues to expand, developing and manufacturing new wellness products on a regular basis. All kingnature inventory, wherever it is sold in the world, comes from the original, state of the art production facility in Switzerland where it is manufactured with the utmost care and adheres to the strictest of quality standards.

kingnature is consciously making an active contribution to the reorientation of the healthcare system towards a more holistic, client-centered approach by bringing scientifically tested, natural vital substances to the consumer; the ultimate goal being to improve the wellbeing and quality of life for people worldwide. Click here to learn more about the history of kingnature. is an independent company with sole rights to kingnature sales in North America. We are a small, family company run out of California that works closely with kingnature in Switzerland to bring their unparalleled products to health seekers on our continent. Currently, inventory is exclusively available in our web shop, but we are working towards establishing our products in retail stores, medical offices, and wellness centers, just as they are in Switzerland and throughout Europe.

Our owner and operator in the US met the kingnature founder through a mutual friend at a time when she herself was experiencing health issues. She received a gift of kingnature products to help her get well and was so happy with their outcomes, that six months later she was in Switzerland with her children touring the facilities and working out a way to bring the products to America. Today, her whole family uses kingnature products and is enthusiastic about sharing them with local consumers. is founded on the same guiding principles as our Swiss partners, values that prioritize the well-being of our customers.

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Because We Care

Quality is of the utmost importance to All of our products are imported from Switzerland, where kingnature originated, and has its own production facilities under organic certification from the Swiss authorities. Every product we sell has the Swiss Made certification, guaranteeing that it meets the highest standards of production. kingnature continues to refine and optimize its products to bring the best possible wellness merchandise to the consumer.

The raw materials for our products are rigorously selected and great care is taken during the production process, from start to finish. kingnature ensures cultivation under organic standards of the vegetative raw materials; tests the purity and safety of each raw material delivery; and uses gentle, yet highly advanced, technology during the manufacturing process.

Click here to see where we obtain the raw materials for each product.

Click here to see our organic certification.

Click here to see our Safety in Hygiene certificate.

We check all raw materials for pesticide residue and the following microbiological impurities:

  • Escherichia coli (E. coli)

  • Coagulase-positive staphylococci

  • mold 

  • yeasts

  • salmonellae

kingnature Values

Quality - Safety - Integrity - Reliability - Sustainability

We do not compromise on quality.

We act mindfully and consciously.

We respect and appreciate every human being.

We honor and protect nature.

We rely on natural products and do not use synthetic ingredients, additives, or fillers.

We work closely with our select group of international partners, focusing on gentle (organic, whenever possible) cultivation and fair working conditions.

Our packaging is recyclable, and the products are vegan whenever possible.

We are open to new ideas and strive for constant optimization and further development of our products and services.

We continually invest in research and development of natural vital substances in close cooperation with experts, especially concerning absorption and effectiveness.

We communicate openly and transparently and do not keep secrets about the content and effects of our products (in compliance with regulatory requirements).

Fair and transparent processes, environmental protection, and commitment to social institutions are central to our business model.

Click here to learn more about what kingnature is doing in terms of Corporate Social Responsibility.

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