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Immune Booster Bundle

NOW $180

As the seasons change, so does our body's need for extra immune support. Kingnature has meticulously curated the Immune Booster Bundle, combining the power of Aronia Vida, Artemisia, and Oregano Vida into one powerful package to keep your defenses strong and your body healthy.

For people looking to combat fatigue, enhance cognitive function, and boost overall health through optimal iron intake and Vitamin C support.


What's Inside Your Bundle

  • Aronia Vida: Rich in antioxidants and Vitamin C, Aronia Vida supports cellular health and boosts your metabolism.

  • Artemisia Vida: Leveraging centuries of traditional medicine, our Artemisia supplement is packed with polyphenols for comprehensive immune support.

  • Oregano Vida: A unique blend of organic oregano and thyme extracts, plus the added benefits of Zinc and Vitamin D3 for all-round wellness.

Why Choose the Immune Booster Bundle?

  • Comprehensive immune support from three synergistic supplements.

  • Carefully sourced and processed for maximum bioavailability.

  • Supports overall health, including bones, muscles, and metabolic functions.

  • Special bundle pricing for exceptional value.


Special Offer

Individually, these products tally up to a value of $230. However, we're offering the complete Immune Booster Bundle for just $180, with the added bonus of free shipping. Seize this chance to boost your health and enjoy substantial savings without worrying about shipping costs!

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